Explanations Sudoku


Sudoku is a puzzle consisting of a 9 x 9 squares Some numbers are given, the other to be completed.
Each line (blue) number of 1,9 to be entered. In each column (green) and in each field (orange) as well.


In the blue line number 9 was introduced, and only the number 6 can be filled.
The column must be completed only one number, ie 8.
It may be completed in the field, remains 1 and 7.
In the column where 9, 5 and 1 are filled no more than once.
It can not be filled with 7 and 1 in the second window.


This was just one example of sudoku puzzles on the site are more complex.

A few methods

Sudoku can be solved in different ways.
Go to page Methods for solving Sudoku, to learn about the different methods.

Filling page

When you click the box with the mouse, you can enter a number from the keyboard.
If you need help, you can click on the menu hint.
If you do not have a choice, you can click Help me!.
If you want to see the solution, click solution.

Too easy?!

In the left menu you can set the difficulty level.
There are levels from Beginner to Expert.